Dinesh Chandrasekhar Photography
Thanks Vimal and Michael for your compliments. Come back for more. I will be uploading some more soon.
Michael Lui(non-registered)
Beautiful pics! Thanks for sharing.
Vimal Suba(non-registered)
Awesome photos.. keep it up!
Dinesh Chandrasekhar Photography
Deepthi - Thank you for your kind words. Keep visiting the site more often. I promise to keep updating the site regularly.
Subash - Thank you. :-) I am glad you like it.
Dinesh unga photos romba nalla irukku. I know that you have a passion for photography. U love for photography is reflected in the photos that you have taken. Good . Keep going.
Deepthi Karanam(non-registered)
Looove your pictures, especially the fantasy type shots :) and the way you capture the expressions :) way to go Dinesh.
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